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Wildwood  (Outlaw, Alt-Country, Americana)

Looking for a soundtrack for your next heartache, or maybe your last shot at redemption? What if your whole life has been leading up to Laverne, the debut album from Edmonton’s Wildwood?

What happens when two fireballs of many a barroom stage collide?

Smart songwriting fueled by an intuitive knack for classic country cadences and pitiless hooks, that’s what!

On Laverne, Tanyss Nixi and Dave Johnston lead a crack rhythm section through future truck-stop jukebox classics (“Useless Torch”), tattered balladry (“Shatter”), dance floor rave-ups (“Rich People”), and surging country-rock (“Onward Through Life”).

Tanyss’ timeless classic vocals and Johnston’s swaggering guitar wizardry are expertly captured by local studio mastermind (and Juno Nominee) Stew Kirkwood of Sound Extractor.

This is the true tough and tender stuff—songs about smartening up the hard way, sung with real feeling, played with real grit.

Wildwood tours Vancouver Island in February and Southern Alberta in May 2018.

Vocals, Songs, Acoustic Guitar-  Tanyss Nixi; Vocals, Songs, Electric Lead Guitar-  Dave Johnston (Fuzz Kings, The Confusionaires)Bass Guitar-  Mitch Diesel; Drums- Scott Lingley (Old reliable, Pal Joey).


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